Hand On

Wear, show off and pass it forward!

Jewellery that you can share with your best friend.
HAND ON will see five unique pieces of artistic jewellery designed by Anna Orska, worn and passed on to five different women every ten days.
Each piece of jewellery must be passed on to someone close and much loved whether that’s a trusted friend, sister, mother or daughter.
On receiving the jewellery, each participant of HAND ON should take a photograph on them wearing the jewellery and this should be sent together with the person’s name and town of residence to: ola@orska.pl. The picture does not have to reveal the face of the person who is wearing it, the jewellery, however, should be clearly visible.
This is the first time that HAND ON will be held in the UK.
The jewellery journey can be followed on ORSKA’s website, www.orska.co.uk and twitter.com/orska.uk
Rules and Regulations - short version
- Anna Orska passes on the jewellery at 5-week intervals, to five different women.
- Each woman can wear the jewellery for 10 days
- Wearing jewellery is free
- After 10 days the jewellery must be passed on to another woman to wear 
- Jewellery should be given to a close, trusted person
- The person receiving the jewellery is obliged to send a photograph of the worn jewellery to ola@orska.pl
- Along with the jewellery photograph, include your name and city of residence
-The last person who sends the picture to ORSKA is responsible for the jewellery 
- The person who sends in an interesting photo will be given a 25%discount on jewellery purchased at ORSKA
- Anna Orska may at any time request the return of the jewellery, in order to refresh it. The shipping cost will be paid by ORSKA
- Jewellery can be forwarded every 10 days until it is cancelled from circulation