Biżuteria z kolekcjiFrost

The beauty of timeless objects always has its beginning in nature. The new edition of the Frost collection designed by Anna Orska was created under the influence of inspiration by ice cracking. Its crystalline structure causes that while cracking facets are created, as in precious stones. To retain the cool glow of ice blocks in jewelry, Anna Orska reached for Swarovski crystals in shades of silver and smoky quartz. Their facets, at every lightest motion, are shimmering like ice filings on a sunny day. Precise cuts and sharp edges of the crystals dictated their equally expressive frame. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets from the latest ORSKA line received geometric frames perfectly matching the elegant lines of the stones. Frost Collection seemingly looks almost dangerous. Sharp edges and pointed framing of the jewelry arouse caution. In reality, however, they are intricately carved, fragile pieces of art that require delicacy. The Frost jewelry collection was created for women who, under the aura of strength, hide a much more delicate visage.