Biżuteria z kolekcjiBery

Searching for a beloved person is like searching for a four-leaf clover. It is difficult, requires patience and attention. Among thousands, you have to perceive the one, special clover. Despite its uniqueness, it can easily disappear in the thicket of others. To find it you need luck, but when you do, it brings it. Each clover leaf carries a different boon - faith, hope, love and happiness. Its charming appearance is also significant. It is precisely to this grace that Anna Orska has yielded when designing the Valentine's line of ORSKA jewelry. But how to grow your own four-leaf clover in the winter? There are no shortcuts here, but ORSKA team has taken up the challenge. It paid off to spend several winter weekends in the meadows and glades looking for this one, perfect plant! When the alive pattern arrived at the studio, a few mysterious spells, a few alchemical reagents, a lot of happiness that the plant itself brought, and here they grew! All the beds of brass clovers surrounded the ORSKA studio. Collected at sunrise and treated with care, they transformed into stunning patterns of delicate jewelry. ORSKA, sending her clover into the world, hopes that it will embrace the loving relationships with happiness and tenderness, and those seeking love will be able to find it.