Biżuteria z kolekcjiAjour

Lace is one of the most timeless accents in fashion - present for a continuous six centuries. ORSKA seeks the cause of this phenomenon in its ambiguity, so neatly referring to the feminine nature. Openwork fabric structure is both elegant and sensual. Shields and exposes at the same time. The winding strands of thread at first glance form a coherent whole. In close-up, however, they turn out to be a complicated tangle. Anna Orska, under the grace of century tradition of lace art, created a subtle, openwork jewelry collection combining the soft grace of fabric and the durability of the metal. Handicraft, used to create a collection, was present in the artist's family for generations. The Ajour collection is a tribute to the most beautiful French lace. Let the handmade lace collars and mock-ups with equal grace, wrap around the neckline and wrists.