Bespoke Jewellery

ORSKA was born out of the need to create beautiful, unique and different things.
ORSKA ‘s jewellery is made to fulfil dreams and bring joy.
However, everyone dreams of something different.
This is why you can adapt our models to your personal needs.

It will be our pleasure to create  custom-made jewellery, to modify the length of the necklace, the colour of metal, stones or lines in the given jewellery.
However, dreams can often be very personal and sometimes minor changes are not sufficient. Thus, we will also create jewellery based on your own design.
Your grandpa’s watch? Your parents’ tableware? A pebble from your romantic holiday?

ORSKA will find a way to eternalise your souvenirs in the form of unique beautiful jewellery that can easily be at hand at any time.
Each new idea is a challenge, and each challenge inspires enthusiasm in us.
Thus, if you have a jewellery dream to fulfil, please contact us, and we will think together how to make it come true.

Before submitting your online order for a modified jewellery design, remember to contact us and check if it is possible to change the design presented on photographs in the e-boutique.In spite of our ho nest intentions and efforts, technology and our unique components from various parts of the world may be the limit in certain cases.