Privacy Policy

  1. Registering in the Shop a Customer voluntarily consents to storing and necessary processing by the Shop of his/her personal data that are made available in a registration form in order to complete orders and to consider potential claims and for communication, marketing purposes (presenting the offer of Products that are sold through the Shop).
  2. These data are not processed or used for any other aim by the Seller.
  3. The Shop processes a Customer’s data in accordance with the law and on a confidential basis.
  4. The Shop does not transfer, sell or make available the gathered personal data of Customers to other entities.
  5. Under the principles provided by the provisions of Personal Data Protection Act, a Customer has a right to access, to correct his/her data and also to demand to stop processing the data and that the data be removed.   
  6. A Customer may consent to receive (at an e-mail address) information connected with the Seller’s offer and his commercial and creative activities.